All coaches of Darrod Tennis Academy use the same training methodology, designed exclusively by the Academy. During their training at Darrod, our students work with different coaches, and each of them has a high level of professionalism.

Daniel Rodriguez


Daniel González

Head Coach

Camila Quintana

Head Coach

Javier Aníbal

Physical Trainer

Alberto Ochotta

Head Coach

Darrod’s unique training method ensures that players learn specific techniques to improve each stroke, and physical training sessions are designed for all ages and levels.

Each of our coaches advise players on various aspects, such as movement on the track, tactical play and proper physical preparation, both for singles and doubles.

Video analysis 

To ensure that our players receive the best training, the coaches of Darrod Tennis Academy perform a video analysis of this exercise. This type of analysis helps to find patterns of the game of tennis and to analyze specific techniques of a player, which offers the possibility of designing the best plan to improve these techniques.

Nutritional habits 

Meals at the campus gourmet restaurant include well-balanced menus designed to benefit a child’s growth. Each dish is prepared daily with the best local products to create an exceptional experience guided by a nutritionist with the nutritional plan used by professional tennis players.

Multiple trainers

In the daily training of our players of all levels, we schedule tennis sessions with different coaches. Each professional brings something special and personal to the training process that enriches the knowledge and skills of the players.

We’re Positive

We positively influence the student’s growth, based on the main values to face any situation with success, such as dedication, effort, perseverance, respect, enthusiasm, self-confidence and self-improvement. These are values that determine what kind of person and what kind of player we are forming.

We’re Experts

We have an extensive group of experienced professionals and we create an ideal atmosphere for training and development, in a fun and demanding environment. We move our experience around the world with different players. We offer a number of variants so that you are 100% satisfied.



Personal Focus

Although we insist on a consistency in the training methodology, we also make sure that the training process is personalized for the particular characteristics of each player. Coaches work one on one with each player to achieve the best level of performance. Being experts in tennis training, coaches monitor the evolution of the player, look for patterns in each player’s game and optimize each specific aspect of the training process.

In the same way, individual assistance is always guaranteed in group sessions. The players work in small groups of maximum 4 people. Groups are created based on the age and level of the players.

Competitive Environment

We love the spirit of competition. The training programs are designed with the aim of improving the players’ game of tennis by creating a competitive environment for intensive training. The coaches of Darrod Tennis Academy work on the development of the winning mentality of the players, which allows the players not only to increase their technique and knowledge of tennis, but also to understand how to be independent and self-driven, how to handle the pressure of everyday life and how to push the physical and mental limits day after day.

The challenging and competitive environment helps players win not only on the tennis court but also in life.